MANSORY customises

the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG

A series-production CLS is already among the most exclusive vehicles on our streets – but it looks positively conventional beside the MANSORY wide-body version. From the upthrust-reducing body design to the powerful engine power and an elaborately designed interior, the customisation specialist from Brand, near Bayreuth, Germany, has turned its attention to every aspect of the luxury body, bringing its exclusive customers' dream cars to life. 
The complete modification by the MANSORY carbon-fibre experts consists of extremely light autoclave-prepreg carbon fibre and, along with the front and rear wings, includes new side sill sets and cladding. This broadens the Coupé by 50 millimetres at the front axle and a stately 80 millimetres at the rear axle. The newly designed bonnet provides an optical and aerodynamic pièce de résistance for the front-on view. The front apron, with its proprietary daytime driving lights, provides an additional accent to the overall look. At the rear, too, the company's technicians have come up with something special to polish off the CLS modification: Under the new rear apron, MANSORY installs a powerful diffuser that simultaneously increases the vehicle's downthrust in cooperation with the rear spoiler.