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High Performance

MANSORY High performance

MANSORY demonstrates its exceptional class in the area of increasing engine power. From the electronic software optimization, the fine mechanical workmanship right through to the 1600 HP turbo-charging MANSORY’s engine power increases to generate driving pleasure far removed from the everyday.

Stage 1 - EMS*
Stage 2 - EMS*, modified OEM Turbo-Charger, Catalytic converter
Stage 3 - EMS*, Engine conversion, Exhaust system, Turbo charger, Intercooler
Stage 4 - Pully, Injectors

MANSORY EMS *Engine Management System

Acceleration and driving dynamics are significantly improved through the use of the processor-controlled MANSORY MPP supplementary ECU: Installation of the MANSORY EMS supplementary control unit can be quickly carried out by any authorised MANSORY sales partner, or by experienced workshops, without accessing the standard control software, just “plug & play”. 
- Vehicle remains fully serviceable and diagnosable
- intelligent control electronics
- all electronic engine protection functions remain intact
- highest quality materials and compliance with OEM specifications
- quick and problem-free installation, retrofitting possible at any time
- transportable kit with “plug & play cable tree”. 


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