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The MANSORY customization programme

for BMW X5

During the development stages, the MANSORY experts apply great importance to both, individual design as well as precision workmanship. Stylish coordinated components make the wide-body frame a real eye-catcher. 

The clearly broadened wings that form a unit which the newly designed side skirts provide the individualized BMW its unique appearance. With an additional vehicle width of 70 mm at the front and 80 mm at the back, the MANSORY X5 conveys the message of pure power, even if simply parked at a street corner.

The new aerodynamic components are largely manufactured by the engineers from prepeg-autoclave carbon, which is characteristic for MANSORY. This enables an almost perfect surface quality with minimal weight.


The MANSORY interior programme

An interior highlight is the redesigned sports steering wheel, which ergonomically leaves no question unanswered. Whether stylish or sporty, MANSORY offers a solution for every customer's taste in interior design. All special fittings are individually manufactured to meet your needs and are integrated into your vehicle by skilled craftsmen. 

The inhouse upholstery shop can produce everything that your heart desires with high precision craftsmanship, and everything from personalized floor mats to a complete leather interior. 


The MANSORY wheel collection

MANSORY provides an alloy rim, especially made to meet the requirements of the BMW-SUV, which proves to be significantly better for handling. Additionally it punctuates the vehicle’s visual appearance. 

The CS.10 silver-finished, cast mono block wheels are equipped with 315/25R23 tyres that guarantee proper grip to the road during sporty driving. In connection with lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity, the sport chassis improves the vehicle's handling significantly.


The MANSORY performance programme

The impressive appearance of the MANSORY SUV is supported by a large range of performance kits for production-type engines. One highlight is the power-packed upgrade for the BMW X5 M type. Approximately 670 HP/493 kW and 950 Nm at 5900 RPM are the result of a completely new exhaust system including manifold and an optimized engine electronic system. Thanks to these modifications, the all-wheel drive with a powerful sound makes it to 100 km/h within 4.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 300 km/h.

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