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One of a kind – 1250 bhp in the MANSORY CARBONADO EVO

Open to exclusivity: MANSORY places a crown on the CARBONADO and takes the roof off. Just like the extravagantly-dressed coupé based on the Lamborghini Aventador, the luxury modification company now presents the roadster - in fact precisely one - there will be no more of the CARBONADO EVO.

Deciding who will get this is a very difficult decision. The demand will definitely be extremely high, as the CARBONADO EVO is a real MANSORY. For where Lamborghini thought they had fitted the maximum possible amount of carbon fibre, the manufacturer dazzles with their core competence. No company in the market is so closely associated with carbon fibre as MANSORY.

The best proof of this is the completely re-designed carbon fibre bodywork, in a world-exclusive stealth look. The series manufacturer’s nod towards the shape of stealth aircraft is taken even further by MANSORY with the stealth carbon fibre finish. Alongside the look, the technology also gets some new highlights, for example the striking air inlets in the front skirt optimise the flow of fresh air in the cooler. Alongside the specially-developed front lip, this also results in improved drive for better roadholding. On the sides, striking side skirts and the enhanced wheel housings show the hand of MANSORY at work. Appearance and function go hand-in-hand here too. For the new carbon fibre components don’t just look devilishly good, they also act as a conduit for air, guiding fresh air to the engine under the new full carbon fibre bonnet, and also the rear braking system. The re-developed diffusor and striking rear spoiler also help deliver perfect guidance of the airflow underneath the vehicle.

All these improvements are necessary, as the EVO significantly exceeds the performance levels of the standard Aventador. In fact, MANSORY has completely rebuilt the V-type engine with its 6.5 litre capacity. The result of this elaborate rebuilding process is an increase in performance, which even demanding connoisseurs would not have expected: MANSORY pushes the power delivery from 700 bhp to an incredible peak of 1,250 bhp. The technical department had to limit maximum torque electronically at 900 Newton metres. The all-wheel drive sports car only needs 2.6 seconds to sprint from zero to 100 km/h, and only stops accelerating at 380 km/h.

In order to deliver the power of this completely re-worked twelve-cylinder engine onto the asphalt, MANSORY only trusts forged alloy wheels size 9X20 and 13X21 inch and Pirelli P ZERO tyres size 255/30ZR20 front and 355/25ZR21 rear.

And the price? As exclusive as the sportscar itself - as it will only be revealed to prospective customers with an existing Aventador Roadster.

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