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limited customization programme for your Porsche Cayenne

MANSORY relies on most modern manufacturing methods and solely uses the ultra-light and high-strength material carbon for its extensive auto body modifications. 

Whether front- or rear apron, doors, bonnet or the wings which broaden the cars by 80 millimetres - all components are formed out of carbon and hardened under strong pressure and high temperatures in the autoclave. 

The advantages of the high-tech method are evident: reducing the car weight does not only improve the acceleration values, but also reduces the braking distance and the fuel consumption of the Chopster. 

The roof line is lowered by 60 millimetres and therefore the lower front surface confirms the sportive look and within the overall package, it leads to elaborate aerodynamics and an exciting appearance. Large air inlets provide an optimal air supply for the drive unit. Four extra headlights increase the passive safety and underline the sportive-dynamic look. 


The MANSORY interior programme

The interior is equipped with most precious materials and render comfort. The leather used for the Chopster interior is fabricated by master hand and extremely resilient, but still exceptionally soft. 

Only perfect leather skins are integrated into the Chopster interior and embellished with discreet decorative stitching by the MANSORY upholstery experts. Single back seats render an extravagant flair and offer the passengers best-possible hold. Equipped with a fridge, monitor screens in the front head rests, DVD player and laptop with internet access, no customer wish remains unfulfilled. 

The newly designed airbag sport steering wheel, the pedals made of aluminum and the real carbon applications perfect the exquisite overall impression in the Chopster. MANSORY managed a perfect symbiosis between dynamic functionality and luxurious ambience. 

To meet your claims and individual needs regarding leather and carbon fibre, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. The MANSORY Design Team is looking forward to advise you.


The MANSORY wheel collection 

An opulently dimensioned sport brake system provides the Chopster with excellent deceleration values. Brake discs sized 420 x 40 mm (at the front) and 375 x 30 mm (at the back) are grabbed by the front eight- and the back four piston system. 

There is a matching special wheel/tyre combination which easily offers the larger braking system enough space. The fully forged 11x23 inch mono block rims in turbine design and the Dunlop Sport Maxx GT-tyres sized 315/25/23 perfectly fit under the broadened Chopster wing. 

By the MANSORY sport module for air suspension control, the XXL-wheels are additionally enhanced. If desired, the SUV´s centre of gravity can be lowered by 45 millimetres. 

The MANSORY performance programme

Apart from the auto body, also the charged serial power engine of the Porsche receives an impressive makeover. The MANSORY engine department exchanges the serial turbo loader with larger specimen. An adjusted engine management and a significantly improved fresh air supply result in a remarkable increased efficiency. 

The modified V8 therefore mobilizes 710 hp / 522 kW and a maximum torque of 900 Nm and achieves a maximum speed of 302 km/h. A sport exhaust system with an optimized off-gas stream perfects the MANSORY engine upgrade. A proprietary development consisting of a racing header and a four-pipe baffler regulates the sound scenery through the integrated valve control and the driver can select a restrained sonorous or a powerful and voluminous sound.  

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