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The MANSORY customization programme

for Lotus Elise / S

Refining sports cars are more than just business for MANSORY. Love for detail, the particular and the unique is an incentive for exceptional reconstructions. The MANSORY interpretation of the Lotus Elise/S with its exclusive and extensive refining programme does not let just the hearts of convertible fans beat faster.


The MANSORY aerodynamic programme

In particular, the car body kit clearly demonstrates that the desire for visual refinement is the focus at MANSORY. Apart from a multitude of the new design elements made of carbon such as the new front lip and the mirror housings, specific interventions on front side and rear ensure extra aerodynamics. The front spoiler attachment therefore reduces the buoyancy of the Elise, which improves decisively handling and agility. The MANSORY technicians could restrict themselves to a small wing profile from which the car body design has significantly benefited. The MANSORY aerodynamics kit displays its strengths on main roads with curvy sections and generates pure driving pleasure.


The MANSORY interior programme

If you want it more individual, MANSORY will leave nothing to the interior imagination, you can choose from the finest materials.


The MANSORY performance programme

Ask for our upcoming performance upgrades.

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