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G-Class Soft kit AMG - from 07 / 2012

The MANSORY customization programme

for your Mercedes-Benz Mercedes G-Class

When it comes to the refinement of luxury vehicles MANSORY is one of the world’s best-known fine tuning specialists.

The self-confident styling of the exterior by itself makes the SUV by MANSORY a true eye catcher on our sombre streets. Perfectly crafted wing attachments made of ultra-light carbon add 40 mm to the chassis’ width and give the aerodynamic set a very masculine appearance. This is matched by the stylishly, individually harmonized components of the front bumper with its integrated LED daytime running lights as well as the carbon bonnet. Its distinctive looks comes to a full circle by using a rear spoiler design that uses a diffuser appearance and MANSORY-made side skirts as well as trims for its headlights, taillights, and spare wheel cover made of carbon.

The MANSORY interior programme

As usual, MANSORY builds the interior in an unsurpassable quality and in an innovative design. The four single sports seats which offer all passengers a unique seating experience when driving winding roads are another highlight. At the same time, the interior of this SUV car reflects pure luxury.

Stylish and in artisan perfection, MANSORY integrates state of the art Rear Seat Entertainment components and combines these with finest materials, such as high-quality leather, carbon fibre or aluminum. 


The MANSORY wheel collection

MANSORY equips the Mercedes with four high-performance tyres (305/35 R 23). The new monoblock SUV rims measure 23 inches.


The Mercedes-Benz G-class has been an automobile status symbol with exceptional cross country qualities. However, drivers and passengers have always objected to the driving characteristics on tarmac roads being too firm. MANSORY embraced this problem and developed a suspension which is electronically adjustable from the cockpit, with two different characteristic shock absorber curves. After fitting, the shock absorbers can be readjusted from the interior of the car for use on tough terrain or for a comfortable drive on metaled roads.


Extra large gas reservoirs, made from high tensile hard anodized aluminum, ensure that the pressure remains constant even at operating temperatures of over 150 °C. The system, completely developed and manufactured in Germany, further features a 22 millimeter stainless steel piston rod and damper oil specifically suited to the high demands.


The MANSORY performance programme

Although these sporty customizations by MANSORY are impressive, what can be found under the bonnet is not less eye-popping. That’s how MANSORY implements one of four turbochargers that fire up the 12-cylinder high-performance powertrain of the G model. As a result, this extensive modification of the MANSORY G-class is now bursting with 825 HP / 607 kW at 5500 r.p.m. under its bonnet. The torque increases up to 1150Nm (electronically limited) at 2200 r.p.m. The sports exhaust system by MANSORY, provides a meaty and impressive sound. 

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