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Gronos Black Desert

Tremendous freedom:

MANSORY refines the G500 4x4² into the Gronos Black Desert

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With 440 millimetres of ground clearance and a wading depth of one meter, Mercedes-Benz is presenting a small series model for selected interested people with the G500 4x4². MANSORY is taking the portal axle vehicle and will show you what is possible with maximum individualisation.

In doing so, the manufacturer from the Fichtel Mountains is not content to leave it at the carbon expansions at the mudguards like the manufacturer from Untertürkheim. Rather, the technicians and engineers all around the mastermind Kourosh Mansory are tailoring a complete Widebody for the tall vehicle. Side sills and door-skins are growing in terms of width between the huge mudguards. Next to the rear apron, the newly designed front apron with underride guard will fundamentally transform the appearance of the model. The front lights in the unimagined design with the intelligent indicators inserted into nine pinpoint sized openings are responsible for this transformation. Furthermore, four powerful auxiliary headlamps on the roof of the vehicle will be used aside from the usual infrastructure.


MANSORY has manufactured the Widebody kit for the Gronos Black Desert completely out of carbon. No other refiner has managed to achieve a reputation for the highest quality carbon fibre like the company from the Bavarian brand. Similar to airlines and Formula 1 racing teams, MANSORY appreciates the properties of the material: highest level of stability with minimal warp resistance and minimum weight. Thanks to the in-house autoclaves, MANSORY is not dependent on suppliers with fluctuating quality but ensures in-house requirements with maximum freedom in the design.


The visual eye-catcher is the paintwork of the visible carbon fibre parts. In a newly developed process for the Gronos Black Desert, the colour, Liquid Black, is applied in several process steps. This technique creates an surfaces with the characteristic Black Desert structure.


The development department however, did not just rework the bodywork and the optics. With the MANSORY Powerbox and a sports exhaust system, motor development achieved an increase in performance of 63 PS (47 kW). Even the maximum torque of the four litre V8-biturbo increased by 100 newton metres.


In order to introduce these increased performance values dynamically onto the road, MANSORY replaced the wheels for the in-house forged-wheel model Y.8. This is perfectly suitable for the Gronos Black Desert thanks to the extensive manufacturing process because the process allows very low wall thicknesses with the highest load capacity at the same time. In doing so, MANSORY achieves a dynamic driving behaviour on the road and unconditional stability for all off-road conditions due to low unsprung masses.


MANSORY reworked the interior just as comprehensively as the exterior. In doing so, individual accents were not created, instead the entire interior was newly invented. The dashboard as well as the centre console was newly designed by the manufacturer and in addition, the back seat was replaced by individual seats. The extravagant use of carbon and leather resulted in the control centre that perfectly fits the Widebody. Numerous details such as the embroidered MANSORY logos, aluminium pedals or illuminated entry sills display the high level of craftsmanship used by the workshop.


As an absolute highlight of the interior, glitter stars that are controllable in the color and light intensity radiate the headliner.


Once again, MANSORY took a model as a basis that the manufacturer already created for a close group of buyers. However, it is the refining from Upper Palatinate that shows the maximum individualisation. 

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