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MANSORY is proud to present the new Bentley Continental GT as a GENÈVE EDITION One of One.

Refining sports super-cars and luxury saloons is more than just a business for MANSORY. The attention to detail and the love of all that is special and unique in particular is what drives them towards extraordinary developments. The latest creation from the company proves this impressively once again. The MANSORY interpretation of the current Bentley Continental GT as an exclusive one-off will not just make die-hard Bentley fans’ hearts beat faster.

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The MANSORY brand is associated as no other with carbon fibre, the material of choice in Formula 1 and space travel. Unlike other modification specialists, MANSORY manufactures the carbon components itself, with in-house autoclaves and does not rely on external suppliers. This requires considerable in-house know-how, which the engineers and designers have perfected throughout the years. In addition to the collage carbon fibre bonnet, targeted interventions on the front, side and rear provide additional aerodynamics. The bi-colour paintwork, alternating with plenty of collage visible carbon fibre, emphasises the wide range of MANSORY enhancements. Front apron, bonnet, side skirts, diffuser rear apron all add up to an impressive, elegant overall appearance.

And the performance also benefits from enhanced power figures and the aerodynamics programme. This increase in agility and handling creates room for even greater performance. At this point, the modification specialists bring their skill in adding extra athleticism to high-performance engines into play. The development department has fitted the W12 petrol engine with a high-performance exhaust system consisting of a rear silencer and exhaust pipes, thus noticeably enhancing acceleration and elasticity.

Both technically and visually, the wheel-tyre combination has been perfectly matched to the refined body. The BY5 forged alloy wheels featuring dimensions of 10x22 inches on the front axle, and 12x22 inches on the rear axle guarantee excellent load capacity and high levels of stability while keeping unsprung weight to a minimum. For maximum grip, the wheels are clad with ultra-high-performance tyres in widths of 275 and 315 millimetres.

Of course, the upholstery team at MANSORY have also re-dressed the interior. Seats, fittings and design details have been lavishly wrapped in leather and carbon fibre. This applies to the sports steering wheel and the gear lever for the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, as well as the seats and the centre console.

Once more this year, company owner Kourosh Mansory proves that his firm is one of the leading innovators, giving clients and the press plenty to feast their eyes on at the latest Auto Show in Geneva.

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