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Panamera 971

MANSORY refines

 the Porsche Panamera using exclusive carbon fibre

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The lifeblood of the Motor Show in Geneva has long been exclusive luxury models made by prestigious manufacturers. No other international trade fair combines top manufacturers and car refining firms from the entire world like this car show in the south-west of Switzerland. Kourosh Mansory has made a decisive contribution towards this unique flair because this expert, top-level car-tuning company has for many years been the first port-of-call for buyers looking for something extra special.

The MANSORY company is staying true to its calling with its latest car makeovers. At their spacious booth at the prestigious car manufacturers exhibition, this exclusive specialist will be presenting its programme for the new Porsche Panamera to the world for the first time.


Carbon fibre as far as the eye can see – the MANSORY brand is one of the most prolific users of this advanced material outside of the world of Formula 1 and space travel. In contrast to other car modification companies, MANSORY produces their carbon components in their own in-house autoclaves and does not rely on suppliers. This requires plenty of expertise perfected over years by engineers and designers as well as advancements, such as in the new shapes and designs and the increased size of the aerodynamic package. The paintwork in Candy Red combined with extensive visible carbon showcases MANSORY’s dedication to excellence.


The wheel-tyre combination has been perfectly tailored both visually and technically. The Y5/1 lightweight metal rims featuring dimensions of 10x22 inches on the front axle, and 11x22 inches on the rear axle guarantee excellent load capacity and high levels of stability while keeping unsprung weight to a minimum. The wheels are encased in ultra-high-performance tires featuring widths of 295 and 335 millimetres.


The tyres are responsible for transferring the increased performance onto the road. The MANSORY development department equipped the petrol engine with an optimised ECU, sports air filter and a high-performance exhaust system consisting of endpipe and tailpipes. This enhanced package increases the Porsche’s output to 35 PS (26 kW) and provides 40 newton metres of maximum torque.


Naturally, the upholstery team at MANSORY also generously re-clad the interior using leather and carbon fibre on the seats, fittings and applications. This applies, of course, to the sports steering wheel and the selector lever for the eight-stage dual clutch transmission, as well as the seats and the centre console.

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