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MANSORY fits out the Viano

as a luxury workplace with a sporty attitude

Luxury Line

Manufacturing of the highest technical level, in conjunction with master craftsmanship and the finest materials - that's the quality benchmark produced by MANSORY with the luxury variant of the Viano. Harmoniously designed aerodynamic components and striking light-alloy wheels make up the base, high-quality accessories and first class business interior fittings complement the range of refinements.

MANSORY has used cutting edge manufacturing techniques for the extensive bodywork modifications. Whether front or rear spoilers or side skirts - all components are produced in their own autoclaves from carbon fibre. Lightest weight and cultivated shapes characterize the restrained exterior design of MANSORY. Nothing looks pretentious or artificial and all modifications flow seamlessly into the bodywork design.

The MANSORY interior programme

The interior has been decorated by MANSORY as usual in insurmountable quality and ground-breaking design. Particularly eye-catching though is the business lounge upgrade to the rear passenger compartment. Separated from the driver and front passenger by a retractable 37 inch Samsung LED Smart TV, a retreat that leaves nothing to be desired presents itself. Two seats from the Mercedes-Benz S-class with electric footrests ensure, even on long journeys, for relaxed travel or optionally concentrated work. For the latter MANSORY integrated an Apple Mac Mini with a separate keyboard, two electrically extendible tables as well as a WLAN router for fast access to the internet into the rear.

However, also private enjoyment is not short-changed in the Luxury-Line: stylishly and perfectly crafted MANSORY has integrated the latest rear-seat entertainment components and combined them with exquisite surfaces made from the finest crocodile leather and visible carbon fibre. From the Playstation 3 and a 5.1 Alpine Digital Surround sound system to a refrigerator and mini-bar in the MANSORY Viano Luxury Line you'll find everything to turn any journey into a first-class experience.

The MANSORY wheel collection

MANSORY offers elegant light-alloy wheels: one of the highlights of the range of rims is the forged 20 inch aluminum wheel of M5/1 type. A characteristic feature of the modern style of monoblock design are the fifteen slim spokes. Precision milled surfaces, as well as modern manufacturing processes guarantee the highest possible load capacities with low weight. As a maximum size MANSORY offers the light-alloy wheel in the size of 9x20 with 265/30ZR20 tyres on the front and rear axles.

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