Bentayga - Soft Kit

Bentayga - Soft Kit

MANSORY has refined
the Bentley Bentayga to create the ultimate Luxury SUV

Elegance which can also handle more challenging terrain – that’s the British Bentley Bentayga in the special MANSORY tuning programme. Even a luxury car deserves to get dirty from time to time, when the nature calls.


The MANSORY interior programme

Following the traditions of the Bentley brand we maintain a unique luxury impression, which is joined by carbon fibre covers and panels. And as you would expect from MANSORY - everything is manufactured in line with stringent manufacturing standards. 


The MANSORY wheel collection

The carefully chosen wheels can cope with a challenging terrain just as good as on a smooth road, always with the best performance. We present you the new light-weight wheel named the Y5/1, which has diamond-polished rim surface that underlines the car’s noble aesthetic.


The Mansory performance programme

Our special solution for the Bentley Bentayga’s 12-cylinder engine is an astounding performance of 701PS/515kW as well as increased torque now totalling 1050Nm. In addition, the top speed is approx. 10km/h higher than standard.