Bugatti Chiron 2.0
The MANSORY Centuria is the dream of the ultimate supersports car come true

Welcome to the dark blue world of luxury and speed. Based on the already incomparable Bugatti Chiron, our engineers have created an absolutely unique vehicle. MANSORY Centuria takes the meaning of sports car to a new, unprecedented level.


The MANSORY interior programme

The CENTURIA interior presents itself as unsurpassably luxurious yet functional. The complete passenger area is dressed using the finest leather, creating the perfect stage for the high-quality carbon fibre applications.


The MANSORY wheel collection

To complete the overall visual appearance, MANSORY has developed fully-forged
alloy wheels with a unique dynamic look and carbon-fibre finish. These have been specially
designed for the high-performance tyres standard size 285/35 R 20 in the front and
355/30 R 21 in the back.


The MANSORY performance programme

With our know-how, we can stir up the power under the bonnet like nobody else. We love pushing the limits of engines and getting more performance out of them together with a more impressive sound. Give us a call and let’s find out together just where are the boundaries of your sports car.


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MANSORY Centuria

model car 1:18 - Froasted Grey