Evora GTE


Evora GTE

Mansory Evora GTE Final Edition
Racing, wide-body aerodynamics programme for the Lotus EVORA/S

This unique British racing car meets the impressive range of MANSORY comprehensive tuning programme. There is no doubt that components in ultra-light autoclave carbon fibre not only make this car look great, but also push its agility and the driving experience to a whole new level. Meet true speed and agility.


The MANSORY interior collection

The black interior contrasts with the sharply yellow car body, creating an elegant yet sporty look. The sports steering wheel, instrument panel and other fittings are covered with loving detail in carbon, or leather if you wish.


The MANSORY wheel collection

It goes without saying that MANSORY also offers matching rims for the British flier:
As the perfect wheel/tyre combination, MANSORY fits an ultra-light forged wheel size
9x20 and 11x21 with tyres size 245/30R20 (front) and 295/25R21 (rear).


Individual High Performance

With our know-how, we can stir up the power under the bonnet like nobody else. We love pushing the limits of engines and getting more performance out of them together with a more impressive sound. Give us a call and let’s find out together just where are the boundaries of your sports car.


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