Ferrari Portofino M

Ferrari Portofino M

Ferrari Portofino M by MANSORY

  • Complete vehicle conversion
  • Retractable hardtop in Forged Carbon
  • All add-on parts in Forged Carbon
  • New rim design type "YT.5” or “YN.5”
  • Full leather interior
  • Power increase to 800 hp and 950 Nm
  • Performance: Vmax 335 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 2.9s



Only the finest ingredients of automotive refinement are used in this complete conversion: a body with lightweight components made of forged carbon, a significant increase in performance, suspension modifications, elegantly new designed forged sports rims finished in black, and various interior modifications made of the finest leather and carbon.

While the use of high-quality carbon add-on parts manufactured with the highest level of craftsmanship is a core competence of all MANSORY conversions, the current conversion of the Ferrari Portofino impresses with a further visual and technical highlight: the fully electric "retractable hardtop" (RHT), which for the first time is manufactured completely in dark forged carbon.



After a comprehensive rework of the engine management system and the exhaust system, the V8 engine now develops a powerful 800 hp instead of the standard 620 hp, and at the same time delivers an equally impressive 950 Nm (standard: 760 Nm) to the crankshaft. The resulting performance is 335 km/h and the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is completed in a quick 2.9s (standard: 320 km/h and 3.45s).



New designed and ultra-light forged rims type “YT.5” or “VN.5” in the dimensions 9.0 x 21 and 11.5 x 22 are fitted in combination with high-performance tyres in the sizes 245/30 ZR21 (VA) and 305/25 ZR22 (HA) and also offer maximum performance in terms of lateral dynamics.



The entire interior is completely done with the finest smooth leather. Always corresponding to the exterior paintwork - being at the same time elegantly and tastefully accentuating the leather - all seams and almost all the interior control buttons are finished in yellow. Only the three buttons on the control unit of the dual-clutch gearbox are given their own colours: Green, white and red - the colours of the Italian Republic and the national flag of Italy. Once again, the interior specialists at MANSORY have succeeded in perfectly combining a sporty atmosphere with high functionality, comfort and design. A MANSORY sports leather steering wheel and the safety belts also flatter the eye and are decorated with the MANSORY logo. MANSORY floor mats edged in yellow and several other, precisely embroidered MANSORY logos elegantly round off the fully comprehensive refinement in the interior.

CO2 emissions (combined): 328 g/km - Fuel consumption (combined): 13.8 l/100km