MANSORY refines the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63
to a masculine wide body

SUV dominance combined with comfort and practicality. We have decided to give it our best and work on the strengths of this car, transforming the standard design into an athletic muscle package. You are going to love driving your new Mercedes-AMG GLS 63.


The MANSORY interior programme

To create a top-class luxury experience in the interior, we selected only the finest materials including leather, Alcantara and carbon fibre. A highlight of the interior is the ergonomically re-designed sports steering wheel coated with the finest leather.


The MANSORY wheel collection

Every movement of the steering wheel provides excellent response thanks to the 22-inch MULTISPOKE rims or the all new Y5/1 rim with the XXL dimensions of 23 inches. The ultra-light, forged rim was specially developed to meet the increased requirements of this formidable SUV.

The MANSORY performance programme

Our engineers took their time to work on the engine and find the limits of this car. The scope of the upgrade includes a sports silencer, a sports air filter and new engine management. As a result, the top speed is 45 km/h higher than standard.