MANSORY Linea D`Arabo

MANSORY Linea D`Arabo


As part of its new "Atelier" programme, MANSORY is presenting a high-end conversion based on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan:


•    New programme line "Atelier"
•    Unique car for the MANSORY showroom in Dubai
•    Complete vehicle conversion based on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan
•    Power increase to 610 hp and 950 Nm


The "LINEA D`ARABO" is very similar to the "LINEA D`ORO" in terms of its colour and design concept.

However, while the "LINEA D`ORO" combines the colour black with the colour gold, the "LINEA D`ARABO" uses the colour copper in the same way as the "LINEA D`ORO" uses the colour gold.

Another key distinguishing feature is the design of the carbon parts. Instead of the real gold inlays, the "LINEA D`ARABO" - like the "Gronos 6x6" - uses completely customised carbon parts, which show the name "MANSORY" in copper colour and intertwined in the Arabic language.


In order to fulfil the high demands on appearance and aerodynamics, the MANSORY designers have subtly reshaped the front of the Rolls-Royce SUV. Larger air intakes in the front apron in conjunction with the lightweight carbon bonnet give the distinguished Briton a much more dynamic face. The flanks and rear have also been redesigned.

In addition, the side skirts have been remodelled so that they calm the airflow on the flanks while at the same time making the vehicle appear lower and more elongated than its standard counterpart. To reduce the lift on the rear axle, the MANSORY designers fitted an elegant spoiler lip on the original tailgate and adapted it visually to the likewise redesigned rear apron.


To match the powerful yet luxurious appearance of the car, MANSORY uses 24-inch rims type "FD.15". Thanks to special aluminium alloys, this particularly lightweight forged wheel is not only approved for high speeds, but also for high wheel loads. MANSORY recommends high-performance tyres in the dimension 295/30R24 for both the front and rear axles.


With a powerful performance upgrade, the automotive couturier also intervenes in the heart of the vehicle. The scope of this engine upgrade includes a new engine management system and a sports rear silencer. This results in new, very impressive performance data for the Cullinan's V12-cylinder engine of 610 hp (standard: 571 hp) and an increase in torque to 950 Nm (standard: 850 Nm). This reduces the sprint from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour to just 5 seconds. The top speed is increased to 280 km/h.