Marlin Jet 400

Marlin Jet 400

Luxurious jet ski in exclusive design with carbon fibre body on request tone-in-tone with the towing vehicle

On land and water... MANSORY speeds you up everywhere

The road has always never been the limit for MANSORY products. With the various MANSORY conversions of the Mercedes G-Class and the Lamborghini Venatus, which has become an icon in recent years, MANSORY has been providing its clientele with great pleasure in powerful movement paired with maximum luxury off the beaten track for some time now.

With the "Marlin Jet 400" MANSORY additionally presents a high-performance vehicle for the water. A jet ski for ambitious water sports enthusiasts for a fast and fun ride on the water and - as valid for all MANSORY products - a perfect combination of luxury and driving pleasure at the highest level.

Limited to 25 units and based on the Seadoo GTX 300, the complete body of the jet ski is made of Stealth Carbon - a very stiff and ultra-light material, which incidentally also saves about 10 kilograms of weight.

Thanks to this material and in combination with a new LED lighting at the front, the MANSORY designers have given the jet ski an extraordinary look that changes the overall appearance of the jet ski in an elegant and impressive way. Thus, after its conversion, the "Marlin Jet 400" appears significantly more dynamic, at the same time more aggressive and thus also becomes a luxurious eye-catcher on the water. The customer can choose the colour design completely freely and thus adapt its "Marlin Jet 400" - if desired - also completely to the design of its MANSORY vehicle towing the jet ski.

The seat bench is covered with seawater-resistant leather from classic boat building. The colour of the seat and the design of the quilting can also be freely chosen by the customer, thus creating a visual link to the interior of his towing vehicle.

The most important facts, technical data & individual equipment of the "Marlin Jet 400":

  • Limited to 25 units
  • Approved for a maximum of 3 persons
  • Vmax: 82 mph
  • Exclusive, individual colour scheme, on request tone-in-tone with the towing vehicle
  • Variable trim system
  • Bathing platform
  • Waterproof storage compartment for a smartphone with USB port
  • High-quality audio system