R8 / Spyder


R8 / Spyder

The MANSORY customization programme for your Audi R8 Spyder

Do you enjoy the wind flowing around you while you’re driving through the countryside with the roof retracted? Audi R8 Spyder presents a perfect interplay of driving enjoyment and sporty elegance, which was moved up even further by MANSORY designers.


The MANSORY interior programme

Interior is a significant element of the Audi R8/Spyder, that’s why we prefer to use distinctive colours. Sport seats with carbon fibre rear shell and inlays together with illuminated door entry strips will simply win your heart.


The MANSORY wheel collection

Contact with the road surface is maintained by MANSORY particularly light alloy wheels which improve noticeably the handling and acceleration as well as the braking response.


The MANSORY performance programme

We did our very best with enhancing the engine performance by installing a sport air filter and a sport exhaust system, an improvement that results in 552 HP/406 kW at 8000 rpm and an increased torque of 550 Nm at 6500 rpm.