customization programme for your Ferrari 458 Italia


customization programme for your Ferrari 458 Italia


Ferrari 458 Italia was absolutely new in all aspects. Each single aerodynamic design element of the surface is manufactured in first-class quality and is exactly fitted to the automobile. We present to you the perfect symbiosis between dynamic functionality and luxurious ambience. 


The MANSORY interior programme

The interior is equipped with the most precious materials such as the finest leather, Alcantara and exposed carbon. Sports seats, newly designed centre console and sports steering wheel with a switch panel provide the perfect fast-driving experience together with the aluminium pedals.


The MANSORY wheel collection

The perfect wheel/tyre combination provides agile and stable contact with the road . MANSORY adds forged rims (size 9 x 20 inch and 11 x 21 inch) with central locking system, and adding Michelin PS2 tyres 245/35 ZR20 and 305/30 ZR21, front and rear respectively.


The MANSORY performance programme

We have improved the engine performance, but also the car's acceleration. As a result of an optimized engine management system, a sports air filter, and a sports exhaust system, the car accelerates in breathtaking 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The top speed is 330 km/h, also higher than the basic Ferrari model.