Xtreme 6x6


Xtreme 6x6

Extreme off-road vehicle
with a distinctive customization package

God created obstacles for man to overcome them. With the Mercedes-Benz G-Class this struggle  reached a whole different level. MANSORY manufactured new complements to enhance the armor of this unmistakable giant.


The MANSORY interior programme

The massive impression which the car leaves from the outside only grows when you take a seat inside. We have used only the best, perfect leather in the interior, the highest quality Alcantara, flawless fine woods and of course only perfectly produced carbon fibre elements.

The MANSORY performance programme

MANSORY has completely reworked the AMG 8 cylinder twin turbo and installed genuine racing components, which achieve outstanding performance data. Instead of 544 PS (400 kW), the MANSORY modified version achieves an impressive 840 PS (618 kW), while the maximum torque rises to an electronically limited 1,000 Newton meters.