MANSORY Armoring


MANSORY goes armouring and expands portfolio with special protection vehicles.

The worldwide acknowledged manufacturer of individualized vehicles, MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH, follows the multiple requests of its customers to increase safety and presents its programme for the arming of luxury vehicles.
Specially adapted armor of protection class VR6 combine the advantages of comfortable sedans or sport utility vehicles with state-of-the-art safety technology.  At the center of the safety concept are the armored passenger compartments based on the stringent test criteria of DIN EN1522/1523. The use of bullet-resistant materials on the vehicle roof, doors, underbody and the glass panes provide a joint-tight protection even at critical points such as door joints and glass interfaces.
The MANSORY concept offers protection against attacks by short and long guns up to caliber 7.62 x 51. Furthermore, the armor provides protection against hand grenades and IED explosive devices with and without splinter effect.  By MANSORY armored cars offers your passengers maximum comfort and practicality with barely recognizable reinforcement. Functions such as window controls and window heating, including all vehicle functions, are retained. Long-lasting durability in customer use is assured, due to features including reinforcement of areas such as chassis and hinges.
In addition, of course, all additional customer requests can be considered subject to technical feasibility.


G63 Armored

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

MANSORY is expanding its product portfolio and is presenting for the first time special protection vehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 in conjunction with a complete MANSORY conversion.