Composite Autoclave Production

In carbon fibre we have a material used for modern automobile construction, which gives unsurpassed advantages over more traditional materials in terms of weight and rigidity. MANSORY are pioneers and recognised specialists in manufacturing using this trend-setting technology. 

We currently manufacture using 3 autoclaves with the following dimensions:
1.50 m x 5.50 m
2.00 m x 3.35 m
1.20 m x 2.40 m

In the prepreg process, several layers of carbon fibre material are baked together under high pressure and at high temperature. The resulting ultra-light, highly rigid construction material can be used in motor sport, in the construction of prototypes and also in production models.
As a full service supplier, MANSORY design, develop and manufacture exactly according to their own specifications and ideas, or using CAD files supplied. 
As part of this, the most important elements of our corporate philosophy are the highest possible quality, as well as discretion and confidentiality.  
With us, your project couldn’t be in better hands.

Modelling and Prototyping

After many years of striving to expand our depth of manufacturing ability, we have built up an impressive range of processes and knowledge, making it possible for us to execute your project to perfection.

Whether you just need a small change to a detail, or a fully functional prototype, whether on an original or a model from a limited run - our portfolio is comprehensive and based on solid experience. From construction to processing on the newest CNC milling cutters, we will make your models and designs a reality.

We can provide batch production and assembly as well - precise assembly, packing and punctual shipping.

Polyurethane Production – PU-RIM

MANSORY provides solutions for all automotive PU-applications. Polyurethane systems are the most widely used plastic in automotive engineering today.  We supply automotive parts for housings, spoilers, lips, aprons, fender wideners, side skirts and grilles.

RU-RIM technologies meet exacting economic and ecological standards as well as growing demands on safety and comfort.


Steering wheels

The steering wheel is the key to the look of a vehicle's interior.

The MANSORY steering wheel technology includes design, modelling, form and mould modelling. Surface finish can be done in leather, wood, piano varnish, last but not least carbon fibre and special fabrics.



Fine wood and sporty carbon fittings refine the interior

Fine decorative wood with its unique structure, grain and colouring are a classic part of car interior refinement. MANSORY are masters of the craft of veneer processing in car interiors. Whether it’s a high-gloss piano finish surface or modern, sporty carbon elements - MANSORY is the place to go for customized and high quality interior fittings.


Leather - masterful processing of a sensual natural product

Our sewing and upholstery specialists are utilised in line with differing capacity requirements. This allows us to select the most effective production site depending on the size of the task. In this way both one-off productions and a series of models can be laminated, stitched and upholstered cost-effectively.
State of the art, computer controlled machinery, combined with the skill of master craftsmen transform the interior of cars, yachts and planes into a stylish, feel-good oasis or a mobile workplace.

Cutting machines
Gerber sample maker pattern cutter
Gerber Taurus leather cutter
Gerber CNC multiple surface cutter

Adhesive/lamination machines
Kannegiesser conveyor fusing machine
Meyer slide fusing machine

Sewing machines
CNC KSL sewing machine
Pfaff sewing machine
Airbag Doku-stitching machine
Pfaff special sewing machines (frill, double stitch etc)

Logistic center MANSORY

Logistic center


3.050 m2 Stockplain and 4600 m2 estate