Bentley Bentayga W12


"Bentley Bentayga Speed W12 by MANSORY"


MANSORY crowns its refinement programme for the Bentayga with a high-performance version of the W12

  • Complete vehicle conversion (wide body)
  • Full carbon bonnet with additional air outlets
  • Exclusive add-on parts for the W12 only
  • All carbon add-on parts in "Visible Carbon”
  • Full leather interior with 3D leather embossing and carbon applications
  • Black high gloss wheels type "Y.5
  • Power increase to 900 hp (662 kW) and 1,250 Nm
  • Performance: Vmax 323 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 3.5s
  • Available in selected markets

"Luxury and performance in its most beautiful form" - this was the motto under which the Bentayga by MANSORY was relaunched last year, following its latest facelift by Bentley. Whereas the conversions were previously geared to the V8 versions of the Bentayga, the latest work by the Bavarian tuning specialists is devoted exclusively to the W12 version of the Bentayga - the Bentayga Speed W12.

As with the V8 versions, MANSORY refines the W12 with a complete conversion that includes almost all body components. And as always, all these changes are realised with the material carbon - connoisseurs of the MANSORY brand have known about this fact for years and appreciate it very much. All carbon components are manufactured in the company's own autoclaves and realised in impressive manufacturing quality, as only MANSORY engineers and designers can do thanks to their many years of experience at this high level.

The "Bentley Bentayga Speed W12 by MANSORY" is only available in selected countries.


The front of the Bentayga is enhanced with an integrated front lip, LED daytime running lights, side flaps and air intakes in visible carbon. Similarly, the entire front grille, including its vertical bars, is finished in „Visible Carbon”.

An ultra-light carbon bonnet with four additional air outlets completes the extensive changes to the front section. The bonnet was developed specifically for the V12 to ensure the best possible dissipation of engine heat to optimise the heat balance of the engine.

On the flanks, distinctive MANSORY extensions provide impressive wide-body styling and a new, holistic approach to design. These changes also make the Bentayga look more powerful, lower and more elongated.

To reduce lift forces at the rear axle, MANSORY engineers developed a shapely spoiler for mounting on the tailgate as well as a roof spoiler developed especially for the Speed and significantly enlarged compared to the V8. Also exclusive to the Speed, the carbon programme has been extended to include a trim for the C-pillar.

The rear apron with diffuser and the two twin-tailpipes of the sports exhaust system skilfully set the scene at the rear. Numerous components such as trim strips, mirror housings, the roof rails and air intake trims made of visible carbon complete the wide-body body programme for the "Bentayga Speed W12 by MANSORY".


To bring this additional power onto the road with confidence and at the same time comfortably, glossy black cast wheels of the type "Y.5" in the size 10.5 x 23 inches are mounted all around the Bentley. If the customer wishes, various designer forged wheels in the size 10 x 24 inches can be fitted as an alternative.


In the style of the traditional British brand Bentley, which attaches great importance to comfort, luxury and sportiness in the interior, the MANSORY upholstery shop offers the finest applications in the interior. In addition to the Bentayga's already opulent all-leather interior, a new leather-carbon sports steering wheel, dark carbon inlays and new leather inserts with 3D embossing in the seats, door inserts and centre armrest are sure to please the eye. Floor mats stitched in the same style as the seats and matched to the colour scheme complete the interior refinements and will satisfy even the most discerning Bentley owner.


A modified ECU unit for the engine management, new turbochargers and a completely new sports exhaust system with high-performance catalytic converters improve the acceleration and elasticity of the British car to 900 hp (662 kW) and 1,250 Nm, which is more than impressive for a car of this size. It must be explicitly emphasised that not only the increase of the engine's power output was in the foreground, but that a significantly increased, powerful torque available at all engine speeds was the focus of the developers.

As a result, the Bentley's top speed increases to 323 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is reduced to 3.5s. An engine cover in visible carbon complements the technical changes in the engine compartment visually as well.

CO2 emissions (combined): 423 g/km / Fuel consumption (combined): 17,8 l/100km

Status: 15/02/2022