Ferrari Roma Complete Conversion - Ferrari F8 Coupé & Spider Softkit


MANSORY again expands its extensive product portfolio for Ferrari:

"Complete Conversion" for "Roma". "Softkit" for "F8 Tributo Coupé / Spider


MANSORY expands its product portfolio for Ferrari with immediate effect and presents at the same time a complete conversion for the Ferrari "Roma" and for the Ferrari models "F8 Tributo Coupé and F8 Tributo Spider" a completely new developed "Softkit".

After the Ferrari product offensive in the previous year with the 812 GTS, the F8XX and the Portofino, the year 2022 also begins at MANSORY again with a massive expansion of the Ferrari portfolio.

Thus, a complete conversion is now available for the Ferrari "Roma" and a "soft kit" program for the two models of the F8 Tributo (Coupé and Spider).

To the "complete conversion" of the "Roma" in detail:

  • Vehicle complete conversion
  • Full carbon bonnet
  • All add-on parts in carbon
  • Full leather interior in red with black applications
  • Power increase to 710 hp and 865 Nm
  • Performance: Vmax 332 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 3,1s

As usual for MANSORY, only the finest ingredients of automotive refinement are used for this complete conversion. Lightweight body components in carbon,  forged and completely in black held sport rims, a powerful increase in output and various interior modifications lend thereby a powerful, very masculine appearance to the two-door Gran Tourismo from Maranello.

In keeping with its own tradition - now more than 30 years old - the luxury manufacturer MANSORY, based in Bavaria, produces its Ferrari aerodynamic components exclusively from the ultra-light material carbon. Thanks to the many years of experience of the in-house specialists, the carbon fibre structure once again succeeds in shimmering perfectly gray and black when the tools are applied. This allows the noble appearance of the fabric to be used as a design element and as a design element and to offer a large number of body parts in carbon fibre. Whether front apron, side skirts, rear apron with diffuser or the rear spoiler - all components refined with carbon integrate through the precise MANSORY craftsmanship precisely and very harmoniously into the Italian series design. 

The full carbon bonnet for the "Roma" is available in two design variants. The customer can thus opt for a bonnet that shows its carbon structure either in sections or completely visible.

But it is not just the look of the "Roma" that is being refined by the team around company owner Kourosh Mansory; the 3.9-liter V8 is also receiving a performance upgrade from the in-house engine department. As a result of the optimization of the series electronics in conjunction with a powerful-sounding sports exhaust system, the engine output of the "Roma" is increased to 710 hp, or 522 kW. Maximum torque is also increased to 865 Newton meters.

The increased engine output is translated into the best possible usable performance in combination with adapted suspension components and one-piece, ultra-light forged wheels with the designation "YT.5". The perfect wheel and tire combination is provided by rims in the dimensions 9.5 x 21 and 12 x 22 with high-performance tires in the sizes 255/30 ZR21 (VA) and 335/25 ZR22 (HA). 

In the interior, MANSORY creates a sport-oriented atmosphere that perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The newly designed sports steering wheel as well as the aluminium pedal gallery guarantee full control of the vehicle at all times and at the same time appeal to the technology-savvy driver with a sense of style. At the same time, the interior, which is completely done in leather, fulfills the luxury standard that applies to all MANSORY complete conversions at the very highest level. Precisely embroidered logos and illuminated door sill panels elegantly round off the fully comprehensive interior refinement.

CO2 emissions (combined): 288 g/km / Fuel consumption (combined): 12.1 l/100km


About the "Softkit" for the "F8 Tributo Coupé / Spider" in detail:


For the currently very successful Ferrari model "F8 Tributo" (Coupé / Spider), which is marketed in high numbers, MANSORY now also offers completely newly developed "Softkits" for the individualization of these models with three individualization focal points in addition to its classic "complete conversions":


  • Design - body applications ("Add-On") in Carbon
  • Wheels - new wheel-tire combination
  • Performance - performance enhancement

Within the scope of this program, which MANSORY calls "Softkit", various "Add-On" body attachments in carbon, a modified wheel-tire combination and a performance increase can be ordered and installed individually.

In this way MANSORY meets the growing demand of its customers for an elegant, individually definable, easy to install but nevertheless effective conversion for the Ferrari models "F8 Tributo Coupé / Spider" in the best possible way.


Within the scope of each individual "soft kit" all body add-on parts in carbon can be individually ordered and individually installed: Front lip, side skirts, front and rear flaps, mirror caps and air outlet trim (front/rear). A discreet spoiler lip (with and without additional wing) and a rear diffuser for the rear section complete the "soft kit".


Forged aluminium alloy wheels of the type "YT.5" in the dimensions 9.5 x 21 (front) and 12 x 22 (rear) are used for the Coupé and Spider. The rims are fitted with the corresponding 235/30/21 and 335/25/22 tires. At the customer's request, the rims can be painted in any conceivable colour.


In combination with the "MANSORY Performance PowerBox" and a newly developed sports exhaust system, a performance upgrade with the following power and performance data is available:

Power: 880 hp (647 kW)
Torque: 960 Nm
V-Max: 354 km/h
0-100 km/h: 2.6s

As already indirectly mentioned at the beginning, "Softkits" from MANSORY by definition do not include any changes to the interior of the respective vehicles. But of course, every "Softkit" can be supplemented and combined with all interior conversions from MANSORY. And this - as usual with MANSORY - with highest quality standards and maximum individuality.

On the model shown in the pictures all available add-on parts of the "Softkit" were installed. In the interior, individual components from the interior program have also been installed.

CO2 emissions (combined): 319 g/km / Fuel consumption (combined): 13.4 l/100km