MANSORY Empower future


MANSORY takes a look back at the year 2023 and gives an outlook for 2024 and the future:

Empower the future

  • Review of the new products in 2023
  • Outlook for three high-end complete conversions in 2024
  • A distant view of the possible future

The year 2023 marks of one of the most successful years in MANSORY's 30-year history.

At the end of 2021, MANSORY opened another chapter in its long company history with the opening of its own showroom in Dubai. With over 800 square metres of generous showroom space, MANSORY is not only been able to exhibit up to 20 vehicles at the same time, but also to welcome its discerning customers in its own very exclusive lounge. At the same time, this location serves as the sales centre for the UAE region.

Since September 2022, the Dubai location has been supplemented by a 2,000 square metre workshop building to enable all necessary work on the vehicles to be carried out on site and to ensure optimum service and support for the vehicles even after purchase.

These two steps as part of a comprehensive expansion strategy came to fruition for the first time this year and contributed significantly to the company's success in 2023.

In 2023, numerous new vehicles were presented again that complemented the existing product portfolio. In addition, well-known conversion programs were relaunched, which had to be adapted following model changes by the manufacturer.



The year 2023 kicked off with the complete vehicle conversions of two popular luxury off-roaders, which caused an international sensation thanks to a fully-fledged modification into 2-door coupés: the "MANSORY Venatus Coupé EVO C", based on the Lamborghini Urus, and the "MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C", presented shortly afterwards, based on the still-popular Mercedes G-Class.

Both vehicles are strictly limited and are built by MANSORY according to the in-house "One of One" philosophy, i.e. each vehicle is only built once in the respective configuration, so that every customer is guaranteed to be able to call a unique vehicle his own.

With the two complete vehicle conversions "MANSORY F9XX - Tempesta Celeste" (based on the Ferrari SF90) and the "Mercedes-AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE by MANSORY", two vehicles were presented during the course of the year, both of which have hybridised drive units and were thus able to impressively demonstrate that modern drive concepts are also in demand and accepted by customers.

With the "Mercedes SL (R 232) Widebody by MANSORY" and the "MANSORY P9LM EVO 900" based on the Porsche Turbo / Turbo S, two complete vehicle conversions of the top sports car models from southern Germany were also launched. With the "MANSORY Carbonado GTS", MANSORY paid tribute to the legendary roadster from Italy with a "one-of-one" complete conversion of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster following the end of its production.

In the luxury SUV segment, the "MANSORY Gronos 4x4" based on the Mercedes G63 4x42 and the "MANSORY Defender Black Edition" (based on the Land Rover Defender V8) were presented for the first time. And just a few weeks ago, the conversion programme for the Italian luxury off-roader was adapted following its facelift with the presentation of the "MANSORY Venatus S", simultaneously completing the series of new products in 2023.



At MANSORY, the coming year 2024 will be characterised by three high-end complete conversions in the absolute luxury class, which will impressively demonstrate the entire spectrum of brand diversity and which will also take into account all drive concepts currently on the market for luxury vehicles from the most coveted and renowned top automotive brands:

  • The all-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre
  • The hybridised Lamborghini Revuelto
  • The Ferrari Purosangue

In addition, there will of course be numerous other highlights that demonstrate the entire range of a manufactory in the field of refinement in the high-end segment: Complete vehicle conversions, new wheel designs, new ideas in the area of interior refinement and numerous new approaches in the area of carbon part production.



But it's not just the drive concepts themselves that are changing; the car of the future - and therefore also refined vehicles from MANSORY - will also change in many respects.

But what will it look like in the future? How will it be powered and how will it travel? What will be fundamentally new?

No one can say for sure at the moment - but one thing is already certain: there will always be cars and the desire for customised refinement from a renowned manufacturer.

And how will it travel one day? The future will show us that too.

MANSORY was founded in 1989 and has built many breathtaking, extraordinary vehicles for over 30 years, delighting its customers all over the world and surprising them time and again.

And this will continue to be the case in the future... whatever it may look like.