MANSORY presents a complete conversion on the basis of the Audi RSQ8

  • Deep black paint with red decorative stripes
  • Interior design in leather/Alcantara in black/red
  • Power increase to 780 PS and 1,000 Nm
  • Performance: 0-100 km/h in 3.3 s and Vmax: 320 km/h

Following the presentation of the MANSORY complete conversion of an Audi RS6 in March this year - MANSORY's debut for Audi - MANSORY is expanding its portfolio for the Audi brand to include the class of high-performance luxury SUVs and is presenting a complete conversion based on an Audi RSQ8.

Based on the great success and inspired by the constantly increasing demand for the MANSORY Audi RS6, the complete conversion of the RSQ8 follows the principles and style of the RS6 complete conversion. From now on, the sport-oriented MANSORY customers can choose between two vehicle types from Audi, depending on their personal needs: A high-performance estate car and a high-performance luxury SUV.

As with the RS6 station wagon, several body parts and modifications on the RSQ8 are also made of high-quality carbon. Thus, in addition to the modified front and side skirts, the rear skirt of the car is also finished in visible carbon. The bonnet itself is an eye-catcher - and as usual with MANSORY - completely made of carbon. All carbon components are manufactured in the company's own autoclaves and implemented in a unique production quality, which only MANSORY engineers and designers are able to realise in the highest quality thanks to their years of experience.

In combination with the deep black paint finish and the red decorative stripes that begin at the front edge of the bonnet and run across the entire vehicle, the numerous MANSORY conversions on the entire exterior powerfully and elegantly emphasise the design language of the RSQ8 and give the car a harmonious overall appearance that attracts attention like magic.

Thanks to these extensive changes to the bodywork and the resulting improved aerodynamic and downforce, the MANSORY engineers created the perfect  basis for a massive performance increase of the biturbo V8 engine.

Benefiting from many years of experience with the "MANSORY Venatus" and the many conversions of the "MANSORY RS6", the MANSORY development department also helped the identically constructed V8 twin turbo in the RSQ8 to achieve noticeably more power and elasticity thanks to a modified ECU unit and a high-performance exhaust system, which has been both developed and built in-house. Thus, powerful 780 hp (574 KW) and 1,000 Nm, shorten the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h to 3.3 s and let the acceleration of the luxury SUV end at an impressive 320 km/h.

The technically and optically perfectly matching wheel/tyre combination in the dimensions 10x24 and 12.5x24 inch with corresponding tyres in the dimensions 295/30R24 and 355/25R24 fill the front and rear wheel arches harmoniously and help the four-wheeler to achieve the best possible grip in all everyday situations.

The "MANSORY YN.5" forged wheel fitted on the RSQ8 (alternatively, "Y.5" type aluminium rims in the size 10.5x23 inch are also available) do not only guarantee the increased load capacity and stability of the wheels required for SUVs, they also help to minimise the unsprung masses, which noticeably improves handling.

MANSORY also sets discreet and stylish accents in the interior of the RSQ8, thus continuing the elegant design language of the exterior into the interior, which is also done in black and red. Red contrasting seams on all leather components, carbon-fibre trim and a MANSORY steering wheel in leather-carbon finish of the finest quality are particularly noteworthy.

Further information about this vehicle and all MANSORY refinement programs can be found on the website: 

CO2 emissions (combined): 325 g/km

Fuel consumption (combined): 14,1 l/100km