MANSORY - Press Release - BSTN GT XI

Homage to Air Jordan

MANSORY presents the ride-on lawn mower




  • First collaboration between MANSORY and BSTN Premium Sportswear
  • Homage to the design idea of the first Air Jordan sneaker 25 years ago
  • Lawnmower as inspiration for one of the most legendary shoes of all time
  • "1 of 1" - Customised ride-on lawn mower of superlatives


The icon from the golden era of basketball is celebrating its 25th anniversary these days with the brand new "Air Jordan XI Jubilee Sneakers" from BSTN Premium Sportswear.

What only a few people know is that the designer of the first Air Jordan sneaker - Tinker Hatfield - was inspired by a ride-on lawnmower when he developed the legendary design of the first Air Jordan XI.

After this connection, which is not immediately obvious at first glance, became known, MANSORY and BSTN Premium Sportswear came up with the idea of paying homage to this fact with a superlative ride-on lawnmower and creating a "1 of 1" on the occasion of the launch of the "Air Jordan XI Jubilee".

It was no coincidence that BSTN and MANSORY came together for this project - after all, MANSORY has been demonstrating the highest level of expertise in the customisation of special vehicles outside the world of automobiles for many years with its golf caddies such as the "Currus" and the "Off-X".


The BSTN GT XI is a unique ride-on lawnmower with custom-made carbon body parts, a lavishly designed leather-carbon seat and a leather-carbon steering wheel, typical features that can also be found on all other complete conversions from MANSORY. In addition, the colour silver - the traditional colour of a 25th anniversary - finds its use on the GT XI just as selectively distributed as the various Jumpman, BSTN and MANSORY logos on the entire GT XI. These in turn correspond with the Jordan Brand logos and lettering found on the heel and eyelets of the anniversary edition of the shoes.

As the current "Air Jordan XI Jubilee" edition also marks another milestone for the legendary Air Jordan sneakers, BSTN's accompanying advertising campaign features FC Bayern Munich shooting star Alphonso Davies. The Champions League winner and self-confessed Air Jordan XI lover represents the perfect embodiment of how inspiration can transcend time. The 20-year-old Davies takes part in "Inspiration", a BSTN film on youtube, as part of this campaign too:

BSTN - Air Jordan - Alphonso Davies - Inspiration

The "Air Jordan XI Jubilee" is available for purchase and order since Saturday, 12 December.

The BSTN GT XI itself is a one-off.