MANSORY & Golden Concept launching the RS-MANSORY in a LIMITED EDITION

Exclusive range of watch cases for the Apple Watch Series 7

In a unique design collaboration, MANSORY is launching an exclusive range  of watch cases for the Apple Watch Series 7 together with the iconic brand Golden Concept.

By merging their visions, MANSORY and Golden Concept have created a new generation of accessories for the Apple brand. These watch cases appeal to car enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs alike, with designs that resemble nothing seen before, yet convey the distinctive features and high craftsmanship associated with MANSORY and Golden Concept.

Both brands have been synonymous with the most exquisite designs in their respective industries for many years, building and tweaking their products on outstanding luxury products to meet the needs of the modern luxury shopper.

The collaboration between MANSORY and Golden Concept allows lovers of speed and technology to travel through time and space in style, with timepieces that combine the best of two iconic design universes.

The RS-MANSORY collection will be available online from 6 April 2022 on the MANSORY and Golden Concept websites in four colours. A limited number of watch cases will also be available in selected shops worldwide.


The technology of the watch cases in detail:

The watch cases are available exclusively for the Apple Watch Series 7 (45 mm) and are very easy to connect to the base watch. Customised screws hold the case together sturdily and give the design an elegant and distinctive touch.

As to be expected, the RS-MANSORY case cannot be without carbon - the material for which the MANSORY company has stood like no other for many years. In the case of this project, the carbon fibres of those watch cases were produced for the first time using the latest thin-film technology. This special technology, in which paper-thin carbon fibres are layered for maximum durability, was originally developed for extreme sports such as sailing and cycling.

Mansory also produces unique rubber components for the watch cases, made from customized Fluoroelastomer (FKM). This fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber is unique in its resistance to temperatures and chemicals and endures temperatures from -40°C up to +225°C degrees. This means the watches remain unchanged even when exposed to humidity, saltwater, or extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re sailing in the Mediterranean or swimming in the hotel pool, your watch will look the same. In addition, the material is also mechanically very resistant and robust, hugs the wrist tightly and unobtrusively, and is surprisingly soft and feels good against the skin. On the strap, the MANSORY lettering is embossed on both sides and is highlighted by a special shine so that it contrasts beautifully with the matt surface of the rest of the strap.


The RS-MANSORY is available in four stylish colours:


Each of these colours refers to earlier launch colours of various successful MANSORY models of recent years. For example, "SPORTY MINT" is associated with the Rolls Royce Cullinan Coastline and "LIME BLISS" with the Aston Martin DBX.

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