WORLD PREMIERE "MANSORY Xerocole" based on the Can-Am Maverick


"MANSORY Xerocole"

based on the Can-Am Maverick

•    Complete vehicle conversion
•    Offroad fun and luxury combined
•    Completely painted in "Orange Desert Sunset""
•    All body components in carbon fibre
•    Full leather interior
•    Power increase to 225 PS

While the SUV’s have started a never-ending triumphal procession worldwide, another vehicle segment has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years as an off-road vehicle in the garages of collectors all over the world: the desert buggies.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before MANSORY would take up this segment and expand its product portfolio accordingly with such a desert buggy.

Based on the Can-Am Maverick, the designers and engineers under the leadership of Kourosh Mansory created the "MANSORY Xerocole". A unique eye-catcher and immediately recognizable as a typical MANSORY complete conversion.

As usual with MANSORY, almost all body components were replaced by those made of carbon fibre. In the course of this, the roof of the basic vehicle was also extended towards the front and now accommodates two additional headlights elegantly integrated at the front edge of the roof.

The front itself has been given an additional transverse below the headlights, giving the "MANSORY Xerocole" a completely independent appearance in conjunction with the new roof line and the windscreen, which is also new.

The body modifications are most strikingly visible in the side view of the "MANSORY Xerocole". The installation of “normal” doors gives the off-roader increased suitability for everyday use without taking away the martial look of a classic desert buggy.

This design approach also continues in the rear area. In contrast to the standard vehicle, a more extensive trim - including a MANSORY lettering extending across the entire width of the vehicle - gives the "MANSORY Xerocole" a very harmonious appearance in its entirety, despite its clearly defined off-road character.

The elegant appearance of the "MANSORY Xerocole", which has been painted in the exclusive "Orange Desert Sunset" colour, is also enhanced by the fact that its main colour can be found on the rims, the suspension struts, the cross struts of the suspension and on the edges of the roof, subtly accentuating the conversion in a punctual and imaginative way.

On the technical side, the 3-cylinder turbo engine has been given a power boost of 30 hp up to 225 hp with the help of a modified engine management. The power of the 738 kg lightweight, dynamic driving wonder is transmitted via a CVT transmission and a visco-clutch to the rear wheels or - as required - to all wheels. Thanks to the  30x9x14 inch (front) and 30x11x14 inch (rear) tyres designed for maximum grip, the “MANSORY Xerocole” ensures the best possible traction under all circumstances and makes it possible to manage almost any off-road challenge.

Of course, the interior design of the "MANSORY Xerocole" is in no way inferior to the refined exterior. In line with the car's intended use, however, the interior refinement work is primarily limited to the seating system, the sports steering wheel and the controls. The two-tone colour scheme of the exterior is also continued here, following the tradition of all MANSORY refinements. In particular, the elaborately decorated seats in "Orange Desert Sunset" and “black” stand out.

Whereas sporty off-road fun in a desert buggy and the desire for luxury were previously incompatible, they have now become so with the appearance of the "MANSORY Xerocole".

Further information about this vehicle and all MANSORY refinement programs can be found on the website:

CO2 emissions (combined):    XXX g/km
Fuel consumption (combined):    XX,X l/100km
Contact und address details:

MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH
Wunsiedeler Str. 1
95682 Brand / Germany
Phone +49 9236 968 250 

MANSORY – more than tradition, more than racing.

Premium British cars and their special flair have always been a passion of owner and the man who gave his name to the company - Kourosh Mansory. This enthusiasm resulted in him spending several years in England and also led to a personal commitment to automotive values such as tradition, hand crafting and sophisticated technology. So right from the founding of the company in 1989, special attention was paid to the brands Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin. Nowadays, MANSORY devote the same attention to detail to individualising models from the brands Porsche, Lotus, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari, and they have established themselves as one of the largest, most highly regarded car individualisation companies in the world.

In the middle of 2001, MANSORY relocated their head office from the Bavarian city of Munich to Brand in the Fichtelgebirge Mountains. By taking over the tuning business area of the Swiss company Rinspeed AG, and setting up MANSORY Switzerland AG in November 2008, MANSORY expanded their product portfolio to include a range of accessories for Porsche cars. Refinement of the brands Range-Rover, BMW and Porsche will continue to be marketed under the brand MANSORY Switzerland. The Mannheim company AEV-Automotive GmbH has been part of the group since 2009. The exclusive interior design specialist supplies leading automobile and caravan manufacturers. 

Manufacturing at the highest technical level, combined with outstanding workmanship and the finest materials represent the quality standard of the MANSORY company. The basis of the MANSORY technology programme consists of harmoniously designed aerodynamic programmes, ultra-light aluminium wheel rims and powerful increases in engine power output. High quality accessories and stylish interior design complete the range. 

MANSORY now has a team of more than 250 employees and can fulfil nearly every automotive desire of its exclusive clientele. The company does this in Germany and worldwide through its selected distribution partners.

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