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20 × 20 × 10 cm
300 g
Business lunch in the shade? Susty off-road driving? Lime bliss adds a taste of summer to your outfit – for any occasion.  

The RS Mansory watch case is only made for the Apple Watch 7 and 8 with the 45 mm.

Drawing on the expertise of the Mansory team, the RS Mansory collection is made in high-technological materials combined to ensure optimal comfort and performance. We’ve used the lightest – and hardest – materials on the market to build elegant and sportive designs that are equally well-suited for extreme sports as they are for fine dining.  

Mansory also produces unique rubber components for the watch cases, made from customized Fluoroelastomer (FKM). This fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber is unique in its resistance to temperatures and chemicals and endures temperatures from -40°C up to +225°C degrees. This means the watches remain unchanged even when exposed to humidity, saltwater, or extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re sailing in the Mediterranean or swimming in the hotel pool, your watch will look the same. 

This material was initially used in space technology and is as strong as steel while being 50% lighter. This creates a watch that is almost weightless but at the same time extremely durable.

Mansory are pioneers in carbon fiber, and the RS Mansory watch case is built with cutting-edge thin-ply technology. This technology, where paper-thin carbon fiber is layered for maximum durability, was initially developed for extreme racing sports such as sailing and bicycling.

The Apple watch 7 isn‘t included, we offer only the RS-MANSORY watch case