Prechtl Express 07 MANSORY


The Prechtl-EXPRESS-07 / MANSORY EDITION was developed to meet the highest demands in terms of safety, reliability and precision. Gottfried Prechtl and his master gunsmiths’ shop enjoy the highest reputation among demanding sport shooters and hunters. No surprise then that gun collectors from around the world turn to the specialist gunsmiths in the Hessian Birkenau for the making and servicing of exclusive weapons.
The newest masterpiece from the elite gunshop is the high-powered hunting rifle Prechtl EXPRESS 07 / MANSORY EDITION, manufactured in cooperation with MANSORY.

The highest standards of luxury hunting rifle and precision target rifle construction went into the building of this Special Edition. The result is a unique hunting rifle for long-distance shooting.

All patents of the legendary Mauser 98 systems that concern safety were taken into account in building the EXPRESS-07 and complemented by a modern closed barrel. These modifications give the system the highest stiffness and precision. The bolt slides luxuriously and softly, allowing quick chambering of the cartridges. The gas-tightness at the rear is ensured by gas relief holes on the chamber and the gas shield on the bolt sleeve. Perfect artisanal gunsmithing creates each weapon from raw parts CNC-milled from solid metal.

Typical of MANSORY, to individualise the Prechtl hunting weapon the barrel is jacketed with the finest carbon, while the stock is made entirely out of the high-strength and ultra-light material. Elaborate engravings in the carbon- look refine the weapon into an elegant eye catcher.
Custom finishing of the Prechtl-EXPRESS-07 / MANSORY EDITION allows the customer to determine the design of his own gun himself. 

Technical data:

Calibre: 8x68S, 338 Lapua Magnum (other calibres on request)

Weight: Approx. 3.8 kg (depending on the barrel and with no scope)
Barrel length: 650 mm  (depending on calibre)
Lay: 254 mm

Length over all: 1242 mm

Magazine capacity: 2 bullets

Material: steel
Shaft: carbon
Standard equipment: MANSORY carbon stock, bolt handle figured in fish-skin pattern, butt-cap switching system (summer/winter), square bridge pre-prepared for swing-off mounts, fine gold edging and gold inlays