MANSORY Gronos 6x6

MANSORY Gronos 6x6

  • Complete vehicle conversion based on the Mercedes G-class (W463A)
  • Limited edition of 10 units
  • Individualized carbon design according to customer requirements
  • Performance increase to 900 HP and 1,200 Nm
  • Available with either on-road or off-road tires



Every variant of the G-Class basically offers excellent off-road capability, which customers use significantly more often than with other SUVs. The “MANSORY Gronos 4x4” presented last year was able to raise the maximum possible off-road capability of a Mercedes G-Class to a new level. With the all new “MANSORY Gronos 6x6” this capability is now raised significantly to an even higher level.


After its complete conversion, the body styling of the “MANSORY Gronos 6x6” impresses both visually and technically. The conversion of a standard Mercedes G63 into a pickup truck with a double cab is carried out while retaining the original design language.

Individual carbon parts can be installed on every MANSORY complete conversion, the design of which can be determined by the customer.

Since most customers like to use the G-Class with passengers in the rear, rear-hinged rear doors are also installed which makes access to the rear easier and therefore offers the best possible entry comfort.

Widened step strips and carbon add-on parts from the “Gronos conversion program” installed all around the vehicle complement this complete conversion into a harmonious whole.

Impact protection devices mounted in front of the aprons specifically for tough off-road use strictly differentiate the “MANSORY Gronos 6x6” from the other G-Class conversion programs from MANSORY.

With the four LED additional headlights mounted on the roof and a cable winch at the front, further special accessories can be used for tough off-road use.

In the area of the chassis, the installation of an additional axle (including a newly developed portal gear) with a lockable differential in the longitudinal and transverse directions on the third (additional) axle should also be mentioned.

High-performance shock absorbers complement the high technical standard of the “MANSORY Gronos 6x6” and in combination results in a perfect overall package for maximum off-road mobility. It also gains 250mm in height and width.


As with all MANSORY complete conversions, the interior can generally be freely chosen in terms of leather, colors, quilting and carbon design.

The refinement of the interior corresponds in type and extent to a classic complete conversion from MANSORY.

A special highlight is the roof lining, which is equipped with more than 3,000 LEDs and is installed at the customer's request and can be individually selected by each customer in terms of design and execution.

All changes to the interior of the “MANSORY Gronos 6x6” offer a unique ambience for the highest demands, even in a vehicle designed for extreme off-road mobility.


The “MANSORY Gronos 6x6” can be delivered with on-road or off-road tires (or, of course, with both sets of wheels if desired). In the case of road tires, type “YN.5” rims in size 10x22 with Pirelli tires type “Scorpion ATR” in size 325/55 22 are used.

For the best possible off-road performance off-road tires size 37x12.50x20 are mounted on rims size 9x20. Thanks to an integrated tire inflation system with a high-performance compressor and a control unit in the cockpit, the air pressure in all six tires can be adjusted to the respective terrain conditions at any time - and this all without getting out of the vehicle.



Thanks to various modifications to the drive train, the “MANSORY Gronos 6x6” has a superior 900 hp and a powerful torque of 1,200 Nm. In detail, the primary features are a new exhaust gas turbocharger with an increased boost pressure of up to 3.45 bar, a new intercooler, two high-pressure fuel pumps, adapted engine, transmission and CPC software, a sports air filter and a sports exhaust for the impressive increase in standard performance by 315 hp (and plus 400 Nm).

CO2 emissions (combined): 426 g/km - Fuel consumption (combined): 17.9 l/100km