Mansory Bespoke

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24,7 × 19,7 × 10,2 cm
1 kg

Take a look at the epitome of luxury and design, the Mansory Bespoke. This carbon fiber cigar box is an expression of pure elegance for the discerning cigar lover. The core of the box is crafted with the utmost precision from premium wood, while the outer surface is coated in carbon fiber with a matte effect that is visually appealing to the touch. It's a distinctive piece that speaks volumes about your refined taste, a striking balance of design and function.

Its high-quality workmanship ensures perfect storage conditions for your cigars, preserving their freshness and enhancing their flavour. With this cigar box in your collection, you are investing in a lifestyle.

The cigar box is packed in a gift box with silver logo and anti-scratch soft packing material.